OpenKMI Code

There are a number of commercial and free software packages for tracer kinetic modeling. The NMMITools website by SNMMI PIDSC provides a comprehensive list.

The OpenKMI welcomes and encourages more open-source codes to be shared in the field to accelerate kinetic modeling research and training and to promote reproducible sciences.

Several open-source image reconstruction packages, e.g., STIR and CASToR, are commonly written in C/C++ and include a basic kinetic modeling module for post-reconstruction parametric imaging or for parametric image reconstruction. C/C++ codes can be generally very efficient for the development of large-scale voxel-wise kinetic modeling, for example, for total-body PET parametric imaging.

One of the efforts of the initiative is to make a set of in-house C/C++, MATLAB, and Python kinetic modeling and parametric imaging source codes open to parametric imaging developers. The package includes up-to-date total-body kinetic modeling developments and will contain interfaces to be integrated with existing open-source reconstruction platforms.